School of Fish Outfitters

There comes a time when a brand must scale up and that time has come early for the school of fishing. We created the clothing and sporting brand out of the constant demand from our students always requesting for some kind of school of fishing merchandise. Based on this demand it was only fitting that Greg and Dave got down to it started working on the this little (but extremely huge) project. The guys wanted to make sure that the clothing brand was held to the highest standards much like the fishing school is. Greg & Dave knew, that to be one of the best casual fishing clothing brands it has to start with the customers and creating the products they want and are asking for first and foremost. The guys knew that quality products put through the “test” were good but still not good enough for their customers, which lead to making sure all the products were high quality yet offered at the most affordable prices.

This philosophy is what has become the frame work and foundation for all of the School of Fish Outfitters products that we create for you!

Clinic Offerings