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This is no ordinary instructor or school – it's a chance to gain fishing skills and learn tactics that will make you a better angler for life. Experience the fisheries of your dreams, surrounded by like-minded anglers who share your love for fishing. We offer the unique experience of catching your bucket list species while being able to enjoy excellent food curated by personalized chefs, all inside a beautiful lodge alongside expert instructors.

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    Can't make it on one of our trips this year? No problem! Take advantage of our course content to enhance your fishing skills from the comfort of your own home!

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    Check out our limited all inclusive ON WATER destination school excursions with upscale lodging and meals to enhance the experience. Book now to build or refine your fishing skill set.

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  • Jeff Liskay

    One of the World's most well known Great Lakes Steelhead Experts. Jeff owns a guide company within the Great Lakes and possesses immense knowledge of the rivers and tributary rivers.

  • Pete Erickson

    Team USA Gold Winner for Euro Nymphing. Pete is an extremely accomplished angler within the nymphing niche of fly fishing alongside being a Fly Rod Designer.

  • Phil Rowley

    Stillwater Fly Fishing Expert and Author. Ambassador of upscale fishing brands who seek Phil's knowledge of product design and development.

  • Dan Donovan

    Musky Expert or the rivers and lakes in the musky regions of Northern Wisconsin. Owner of a Musky Only fishing shop and full guide service in Madison Wisconsin alongside his wife Jenn.

  • Rick Kustich

    Steelhead and Spey Author and Expert fishing in many lakes and streams of the Great Lakes area. Well sought out instructor for in class and on water learning. Rick additionally owns a fly shop and is a fly fishing travel host.

  • Brian Niska

    West Coast Skeena River Steelhead Expert. Brian is a BC legend on the world famous Skeena River in Terrace BC. Brians location at Skeena Spey Lodge allows him to teach students on every part of this water shed for the last decade.

  • Mike Schultz

    Mike Schultz is a key player in the Michigan area for both his skills of catching bass on the fly
    and the success of his fly shop with his crew of guides. Mike brings many skills to the table
    when it comes to catching big bass on the fly.

  • Damian Nurre

    Damian Nurre is probably one of the best permit anglers out there, rightly so it must be the fact that he spends his time in permit ally in Belize constantly chasing these fish. Damian offers so much Knowledge about permit that its an hour to have him teach our students.

  • Landan Mayer

    Landon mayer Landon is probably on the biggest names in fly fishing and definitely a well
    known name in his home state of Colorado. Landon brings years of Knowledge on how to catch trout in rivers and Stillwater’s. Landon is known for his teaching of students threw his many speeches and books.

  • Colby Trow

    Colby Trow is a trout ninja, based out of the famous mossy creek fly shop in Virginia. Colby offers his teaching and skills to many new anglers on how to successfully fool trout in the Virginia waters.

  • Jason Randell

    Jason Randell is extremely well known for his Dry Fly skills in various waters from small streams to technical rivers.

    Jason is a well sought after speaker & Presenter on dry fly fishing.

  • Geri Meyer

    Geri is a leader when it comes to fishing the drift less areas of WI. Geri has long been a shop owner and guide she's extremely passionate about teaching clients and students about this area and the productive ways to fish.