The Founders

What happens when two of the biggest fishing podcasters meet up and join forces, exactly this welcome to the school of fishing. Both Greg Keenan and Dave Stewart are well known podcasters who started early in the fishing space of podcasting. Greg started the Fly Fishing Insider podcast and Dave created the Wet Fly swing podcast.

In early 2021 Greg successful sold the fly fishing insider podcast and took a few years away from the fishing industry with exception of keeping the Stillwater Schools greg had created early on. Over that same period of time Dave managed to grow his wet fly swing podcast and brand to a massive audience and well over 2M downloads with many local followers and listeners. During this time period however both Greg and Dave always kept in touch and both periodically expressed the same great interests in creating fishing schools and teaching fishing to students. Both dreaming about using some of the biggest names of fishing legends and pros that both had met or interviewed as well as the many lodges and resorts either have been too or interviewed as well for the locations of the schools. They knew others could “learn more with us” Little did they know this would statement become the heart and foundation for the school of fishing prior to being created.

As both Greg and Dave continued to do their own schools separately, Daves focus on steelhead and Greg with Stillwater. The would call each other up and bounce ideas and marketing tips offered each to ensure the success of their schools. Then It Clicked the light bulb moment. They both had skills in various areas to really push theses schools and a bigger audience. Combined meant more power with numbers and together the guys could deliver the best schools, with the best instructors in the best locations throughout North America to students from all over. In late 2022 the School Of Fishing was officially created. Both Dave and Greg are passionate anglers themselves who love to give back to others, the environment and worthy causes. On behalf of Dave and Greg they welcome everyone to the school of fishing no matter of the level experience you possess in fishing we’re ALL STILL LEARNING this wonderful sport.


"Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts." – Charles Waterman